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DELUXE apartment – An apartment with two bedrooms, living room and an open plan kitchen and a bathroom for 1- 5 people
STUDIO apartment – An apartment with a living room and an open plan kitchen and a bathroom for 1- 2 people
Administrator – Apartment owner or a person acting on their behalf.
Guest – an individual renting an apartment.
Representative Guest– an individual who rents an apartment, reports all Guests and acts as their representative. An individual with whom the Administrator is in telephone contact.


An Apartment Booking comprises two stages:
1. Representative Guest or another individual acting on their behalf provides the details required on the booking form via the www.apartcentrum.pl website – by completing and sending the booking form found in the Bookings section via a letter or e-mail – by sending all details required on the registration form to biuro@apartcentrum.pl by telephone – provide booking information on +48 724 223 019

An Administrator in making a preliminary booking sends a PRELIMINARY BOOKING CONFORMATION with the booking dates as well as the bank account number and details to which the Guest is obligated to pay the booking deposit within 3 working days in the amount between 30 % and the total rent amount.

2. Payment of a booking deposit by the Guest or a person acting on their behalf to the Administrator’s account confirms the booking.

3. Making a booking is tantamount with the Apartment Guests accepting the present Terms and Conditions.

4. If a booking is cancelled within 14 days of its start date the Guest’s booking deposit is non-refundable. In the event of a booking cancellation more than 14 days prior to the rental start date the Administrator may refund 100% of the booking deposit to the Guest.

5. In the event of a booking made a on the day or a day before the rentals start date the booking deposit is not required – the Representative Guest is obligated to pay the entire amount upon arrival.

6. Before the premises are handed over the Representative Guest provides details of all Guests which will stay at the Apartment to the Administrator (name, surname, residential address). In providing their own details the Representative Guest is obligated to present their ID to the Administrator confirming their details. The Administrator may demand access to the ID documents of other guests.

7.  The rent (less the booking deposit or the full amount) is payable in advance, at the time of handing over the keys at the latest.


Apartment check in is at 3 p.m. and check out by 10 a.m. The is an option for individual arrangements.

Handing over and returning Apartment keys takes place at a place and time arranged by the Representative Guest and the Administrator. If the Guest is unable to make it fir the arranged time, they should inform the Administrator immediately on +48 724 223 019.

The Administrator reserves the right not to hand over keys to a Guest who is under the influence of alcohol, intoxicants or is behaving aggressively.

The Administrator reserves the right to demand a deposit of 1000 zł. The deposit is returned in full when the Apartment is handed back, as long as the Administrator does not find any damage, no later than 3 days after is has been vacated by the Apartment Guests. If damage is found in the Apartment, an appropriate compensation will be deducted from the returned deposit. If the damages exceed the deposit amount, the Administrator shall not return the deposit and shall charge the Representative Guest or another Guest with the outstanding amount for the damage.

The number of people staying in the apartment cannot exceed the number provided during booking. If the number of people exceeds that provided during booking, the Administrator may demand an additional payment equal to the difference between the amount paid and the actual amount due plus an additional penalty of PLN 200 for every individual booked in by the Guest or is entitled to cancel Apartment rental for all guests with immediate effect, without refunding the amounts paid for the remaining rent period to any of the Guests.

Smoking is not allowed in the Apartment. If the non smoking rule is violated the Administrator shall charge the Guests with a 1000 zł penalty. Smoking is permitted in a designated place outside of the apartment building.

If keys to the Apartment are lost, the Guests are obligated to pay 250 zł for every lost/incomplete set of keys.

It is forbidden to bring animals into the Apartment.

It is forbidden to hold parties in the Apartment.

All Guests at the Apartment are obligated to observe the curfew between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

If exceptional circumstances occur, the Administrator reserves the right to offer a different apartment to the Guest and if there are no free apartments to cancel the booking and refund 100% of the booking deposit.

Every time Guests leave the Apartment they should check that all electrical appliances are switched off and doors and windows are closed.

Once the Apartment rental period expires, the Representative Guest is obligated to return the key and remote control to the Administrator or a person acting on their behalf.

Guests not booked in for overnight stay may be present at the Apartment between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.


Apartment rental price is predetermined and depends on the Apartment type and the rental period (long term rental). The current price list is available on www.apartcentrum.pl in the Price List tab.

The Apartment price includes service charges, cable TV, internet and for longer stays weekly cleaning and a single parking space.

Any price increases do not apply to confirmed bookings.


The deposit / full amount for Apartment rental should be paid to the following account:

Apis s.c.

ul. Warszawska 13

62-300 Września

BZ WBK 24 1090 1421 0000 0001 2174 3896


It is the Guest’s responsibility to report all defects and damages which occur in the Apartment immediately.

Financial as well as civil responsibility for damages, defects and missing property which occur in the Apartment as a result of improper use of the Apartment is borne by the Guest.

For defects and damages occurring for reasons attributable to the Guests an appropriate financial compensation to cover the purchase of all items and services needed to remedy the defects shall be collected by the Administrator. The Administrator may pursue compensation from the Representative Guest or another Guest.

For any shortages in property at the Apartment the Administrator shall collect an appropriate financial compensation sufficient to purchase and transport the missing items in accordance with the fixtures and furnishings price list. The Administrator may pursue compensation from the Representative Guest or another Guest.

If a breach of the Terms and Conditions is observed the Administrator reserves the right to cancel further rental of the Apartment to all Guests with immediate effect, without refunding the rent for the remaining rental period to any of the guests.

The Apartment Guests are responsible for the actions of all individuals whom they permit access to the Apartment and for those individuals to leave the Apartment by 10 p.m.

The Administrator may charge the value of damages caused by such persons to the Representative Guest or other Guests.